Global Help Foundation Wildlife Sanctuary, Rescue, Rehabilitation & Re-release Center

Global Help Foundation Wildlife Sanctuary, Rescue, Rehabilitation & Re-release Center

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The idea is to create Nicaragua's first true Wildlife Sanctuary, Rescue, and Rehabilitation & Re-release Center. Working with government entities, local communities and individuals we will create a sustainable project that will educate and employ locals and create a paradigm shift in the way wildlife is viewed in this country.

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The center will provide a paradigm shift in education throughout the country while providing local universities and universities in the western hemisphere with an educational platform from which to learn about and practice wildlife conservation efforts. It will educate and create jobs for locals while developing an effective and sustainable eco tourism program that may be a model for Nicaragua and other countries in Central America and the Caribbean. It will help the people of Nicaragua and surrounding countries become aware of the importance of conservation and co-existing with animal species. A spin off effect will hopefully be the reduction of domestic violence in these countries by applying the concepts of Humane Education and Animal Welfare to the Ministry of Education's K-12 curriculum. Scientific research has demonstrated that where Humane Education and Animal Welfare is integrated into the curriculum, domestic violence is reduced significantly.

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Currently, we are working with WSPA and its member societies in Nicaragua, the Caribbean & Central America, have obtained significant land donation commitments from local community members, and expect to fully comply and work with universities, government organizations and officials. We believe that Global Help Foundation has the commitment, drive and qualified personnel to achieve this goal.

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Initially, we need around $25,000 to build a building that will house GHF personnel and volunteers. This will be built on donated land. GHF has already commenced the process by getting the word out through the use of social media, workshops and conferences attended. We are conducting fundraisers and have obtained a small grant from WSPA to create an educational CD of songs accompanied by thematic units that teach about the topics discussed previously.