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Ipeace Project a web 2.0 and mobile telephony platform that provide people with new ways of documenting mass violence and attitudes toward peace, justice, and social reconstruction in conflict zones in Congo.

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Infogroup International
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Mbunzama Lokwa


Infogroup International

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Infogroup International

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Av.Tshitenge 30 Q.Masanga Mbila C.Mont Ngafula Ref.Mere Cano Kinshasa 11

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1. To help expose crimes and human rights violations in conflict affected area in Congo.

2. To alerts, send and receive SMS,MMS on crimes and human rights violations during the crises in Congo.

3. To increase human rights information dissemination among people and to involve them to respect and to advocate the human rights and related issues in their local community and across the continent.

4.To create a positive change towards human rights issues among people in confict affected area in Congo.

5. To provide a forum for discussing human rights issues and exchanging ideas, videos,information and promoting effective local, regional & global networking among people.

Rationale: people living in conflict affected area in congo often lack media to expose violations that they have been victims and essential information about human rights that could improve their standard of live. More than 5 millions people can be reach directly by Ipeace Project in the conflict affected area in Congo.

Who will help you develop your idea? Why are you the one to make this happen?

I will create a team with developers,activists, media specialists to develop the project can also benefit the expertise of others specialists in project development and management,etc

How much will it cost to launch your idea? (This can be an estimate)

This project has 2 phases, the web and blog phases cost is estimated at 5.000 $ and the open mobile telephony platform to deliver secured sms and mms alerts need to be developed and realesed and can cost more than 50.000$