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Map My Run (MMR) is a community-veered, socially-focused, and web and field-based initiative and health advocacy where netizens can participate by mapping routes using Google Earth for a select number of participants to run...for a cause.

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The main idea is for each run to have its respective corporate or individual sponsors to donate to a cause or partnering NGOs, as well as to cover the cost of running that route (which generally will only be minimal). The runs will be documented and posted on the website and other web platforms such as Youtube and Twitter, giving sponsors not only a marketing and PR boost but also a CSR campaign they can participate in. MMR is a Run for a Cause type of event but innovating through its use of web technology to facilitate citizen participation and CSR implementation. It is basically people mapping my route and organizations donating to a cause while I run that route. MMR puts a unique twist to "fun runs" by essentially placing the organization of the event in the hands of netizens, consequently providing them a sense of fulfillment for their participation.

MMR makes use of the media (web in particular) for the latter's crowdsourcing capabilities and mass reach, ideal as a PR and marketing tool and ultimately an effective and efficient fund raising platform. Using the web also brings about a potential for impact on a global scale. Imagine a MMR relay event spanning continents.

Who will help you develop your idea? Why are you the one to make this happen?

At time of submission of this proposal, the idea had only been discussed between me and my older brother after we mapped a route using Google Earth for our next run. To further develop and mold the idea, we are planning to tap on the people behind (takbo means run in Filipino), a forum for runners, for their knowledge about the encompassing theme of this initiative which is running, as well as their web development and administration experience. This will complemented by taking on board some members of AMCI Mountaineering Club Inc., of which I am a member, to be core members of the team.

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Since this is mainly a web-based initiative, MMR will need to have a standalone website replete with the necessary technology (which is readily available i.e. Google Earth) to present intuitive controls for visitors to be able to map routes, and ultimately, have these routes (pre-chosen by MMR) clearly and orderly displayed on the website. Web development may cost in the area of 40,000 to 50,000PhP (Philippine Peso) plus about 10,000Php annually for hosting (1USD = 48Php) (cost estimate in USD is 1,040USD + 210USD per annum) . Other tools such as video cameras for event coverage may also be procured once the project has been executed. Long-term goal is for MMR to be self-sustained (pay for website maintenance by itself) through website advertisement and events organization.