Monitoring ,analysis and capacity building of citizen protests

Monitoring ,analysis and capacity building of citizen protests

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To create freely available public access to data on citizen protests in Africa.
This data will be easily accessible on the internet and via cell-phone and will afford citizens the ability to contribute to the analysis and reporting of on citizen protests. The creation of a citizen protest charter and the development of an ethics of citizen protest will be supported through capacity building programmes.

Over the past five years South Africa has experienced a growing phenomenon of citizen protests. These protests lack any ongoing tracking or analysis available in the public domain. The press alone has been unable to cover these protests comprehensively. There are newspaper articles on various events and citizen protests but they tend to lack any analysis. There is also a very costly proprietary service offering some coverage of the estimated 8 000 to 13 000 protests across Africa last year alone. This data is however not available to the public.
The creation of awareness and public discourse on citizen protests will enhance the legitimacy of this important form of democratic culture in Africa.

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Community and Citizen Empowermant Programme of IDASA
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Community and Citizen Empowermant Programme of IDASA

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The impact of such a service will be:
• The creation of a public discourse on citizen protest thus giving legitimacy to non-violent citizen protest as a crucial element in democratic governance
• The creation of early warning systems for effective democratic governance
• The acceptance of citizen protests as legitimate public participation and active citizenship

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The Citizen and Community Empowerment Programme in Idasa specializes in facilitating learning in open and closed systems in Africa. As a political and governance facilitator within IDASA, I convened a meeting of concerned citizens and citizen groups on the 18th December 2009. At this workshop, we identified the need for a freely available public monitoring service to which citizens could send information and engage in analysis and debate. It was agreed at the workshop that this service would be available to the public for their contributions to analyse the protests and not merely report protests. The creation of a citizen protest charter and the development of an ethics of citizen protest are also planned as projects within this service.

The Sedibeng District Council has committed itself to acting as a pilot project so that we can develop a replicable model which may then be adopted across the country.

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We estimate that it will costs us around R500 000 ( US$72 000) to launch the project with a pilot in Sedibeng in 2010. A significant portion of this would be paid for by the Sedibeng District Council.