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Orphan Diaries

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The Orphan Diaries is a series of sixty-second radio features. The Orphan Diaries will feature the stories of orphans around the world. the stories will highlight how the children became orphans, what are their stuggles, how they have fought for survival, and how some orphans have succeeded and excelled.

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Food for Orphans

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Food for Orphans

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The Orphan Diaries will be distributed to radio stations across the US. Hundreds of thousands of radio listeners will hear the Orphan Diaries, listen to the orphans' stories, and be encouraged to help the orphans.

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Food for Orphans has several professional scriptwriters and professional voiceover artists ready and willing to assist with the project. Already, over 50 radio stations have agreed to air the Orphan Diaries. A cable television network has also expressed interest in expanding the Orphan Diries into a weekly television program.

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