Teen TV or Informal Resource for Youth by Youth, Georgia

Teen TV or Informal Resource for Youth by Youth, Georgia

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The proposed project equips young fellows in Georgia with journalism skills and carefully guides them in the video production. The idea is very innovative for Georgia, because it helps young people to express themselves by web – as the most open space of information exchange and distribution.

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This project will empower active young fellows by training them in journalism and providing necessary technical support to youth-led production (feature stories, vox-pop, and podcust) and online distribution of this content. Young Internet users around Georgia will continue to have access to quality video content which promotes values, greater social inclusion, youth engagement in the development and diversification of information. Teen TV will give a voice to those whose voice is almost never channeled by the mainstream media – these voices will belong to youth representing diverse social groups including religious, social cultural and national minorities. Viewers/users will have an opportunity to give feedback and engage themselves in online discussion.

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Teen TV has been operating since March 2009 and has engaged a group of young journalists, a producer, supervisor, cameramen/editors and a project manager. The project is implemented under the umbrella of Internews Georgia which represents a leading local non-for-profit organization in Georgia. We believe that innovative use of new technology with the purpose to empower general audience and media professionals to actively participate in social and political decision-making can eventually lead to a positive change.

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Further development and regular intensive operation of Teen TV for a one year period of time will cost 25,000 USD that includes all direct and some indirect costs. The detailed line-item budget can be provided upon the request.