Volcano partnership between USA & Montserrat school children

Volcano partnership between USA & Montserrat school children

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Montserrat Volcano Observatory: help expand media education re. volcanoes:
An active volcano to study: share it with others by social media: online media can show science monitoring, infrared cameras, evacuation preparednessUSA schoolchildren study Mt. St. Helens, but why not add this Caribbean volcano too?

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Montserrat Volcano Observatory
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Sara Curious One

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Volcanoes of Montserrat & MVO

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Montserrat Volcano Observatory

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Montserrat, British West Indies

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With a nonprofit created, and funding for web-social media, we could publicize the math, science, and environmental resources to students in the USA as well as in the British Commonwealth. Perhaps we could also encourage people to visit and learn about eco-tourism, and how the earth is alive and growing all the time.

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I would work with the Montserrat Cultural Center, the Montserrat Volcano Observatory, and Montserratians living in London, Boston, New York and elsewhere to support environmental education among school children in both locations.

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I estimate that a travel budget of $1000 per student group (per person) and a budget of $7000 could get us started. We would start low-tech and use MVO computer links to start. Future govt. partnerships with US Geological Survey would be great too.