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Its a media convergence news platform for locals and migrants citizens where they can participate in the development of their rural communities. It also preserve their native cultures and languages using Media and ICTs. There are rural area radios, TV channels and info-activists on it.

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Centro para la Investigación, el Desarrollo y la Innovación -CIDI-
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Centro para la Investigación, el Desarrollo y la Innovación -CIDI-

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Centro para la Investigación, el Desarrollo y la Innovación -CIDI-

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(502) 4060-9993

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3a. Avenida 55-12 Zona 11, Guatemala city, Guatemala. Central America

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"Noticias De Mi Gente" that means “News of My People” monthly provides more than 8,000 Guatemalans, at home and in 84 countries, with articles, interactive radio, television, and photographs that connect them with their hometowns. Stories produced by volunteer journalist “info-activists” are presented with context and intelligence meant to engage readers in productive dialogue on the issues facing their communities. Due the impact it already had in Guatemala, we will expand our communication model to other Latin-America countries, maybe globally.

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We are working with a rural area info-activists network, radios network, independent radios and TV-Cable channels. We are also working with a mayan community leaders association and many pro-development rural area community leaders associations and groups in Guatemala and abroad. Recently we have an agreement to work with the Guatemalan Migrants Support National Council.

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In order to keep growing up and increase our geographical, social and economical impact our budget for Guatemala is about US$350,000.00 per year.