Barrel Oven Build

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Barrel Oven Build

Project Summary
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The Barrel Oven is an outdoor wood fired oven that is heats up quickly and can be used for cooking farm products, pizza and bread from our urban farm.

About Project

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This will be the first barrel oven in the mid-Atlantic region. It will serve as a gathering spot for students, urban farmers, and the general public as part of a new Farm Kitchen Education Center on the Awbury Arboretum Agricultural Village. The design and building of the oven will be a summer project for a group of high school students who are part of a work-study program learning about small food businesses on an urban farm.
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We are providing a program for inner city youth to work together to create a "hearth" around which we can cook meals. They will learn tangible building skills AND learn about working together in a group. At the end we will have an awesome oven to make pizzas and pies with farm fresh produce in the middle of the inner city.

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Our goals are to 1. buy the metal barrel and firebox around which the oven will be constructed 2. to assemble a wood burning oven with a group of young people taking the lead on sourcing supplies and the majority of the work 3. to have ongoing classes and workshops for young people centered around the outdoor hearth and set within the urban farm enviromnent

Founding Story

the oven will be built and the pizza will be delicious