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EnvisionWith.Me: A Student-Led Leadership Club for Teenage Visionaries

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$10,000 - $50,000
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Elevator Pitch

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www.EnvisionWith.Me is a professional network for teenage visionaries. We are revolutionizing the way students learn about entrepreneurship.

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WHAT IF students designed their own path to success before graduating high school?
About Project

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Imagine growing up in a world without support for your dream visions. Teenagers often do not have the opportunities, resources, or connections they need to spearhead successful ventures at a young age. A 2011 survey by Gallup states that 71% of workers are “not engaged” or “actively disengaged” from their jobs. Visionaries should never be uninterested when doing what they love and loving what they do. It is time adults take teens seriously.

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EnvisionWith.Me represents the sole platform on which teenage visionaries can collaborate on their ideas and projects to fulfill their visions. Many teenagers are not aware of the opportunities or resources they have available to launch their own dream. We love to inspire others and we aim to provide teenagers with the proper tools to develop and expand their visions. Our team has shown innovation by establishing an entirely different kind of professional networking experience for teenagers, allowing them to start thinking like successful visionaries at a young age.
Impact: How does it Work

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EnvisionWith.Me will positively benefit society by providing teenage visionaries with the opportunity to transform their dreams into a reality. Visions that grow into startup businesses will boost our economy, and raise awareness of the social visionary community, encouraging other visionaries to dream, be creative, and take action. With the introduction of the online visionary university, we will provide free entrepreneurial resources and exercises, accessible by teenage visionaries all over the world. Everyone is born a visionary, but not all visionaries are interested in starting their own business. Visionaries that logon to visionary university will learn about the characteristics of a visionary and creatively entrepreneurial people. This will allow students to effectively select a future career choice or passion. Academic editions of our visionary curriculum will be available for purchase by school districts, organizations, or clubs that are interested in incorporating creative lessons into their learning environment.

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We've partnered with 6 high schools in the USA to implement Visionary Clubs for the upcoming 2014-2015 school year. Originally launched online in 2012, as a professional network, EnvisionWith.Me quickly gained over 200 visionaries dedicated to pursuing their visions with unconventional passion. It was so mesmerizing, we had to put our professional platform on hold to publish something radically different. Visionary Clubs are at the forefront of a young education revolution. They provide students with a voice in a system that is not designed to take input from students. Implementing common core, lowering college loans, exempting SAT/ACT scores, etc., have not fixed the broken education system. Thankfully, our program is revolutionizing the way we approach learning in the 21st century. This will result in millions of Zuckerberg, Jobs, and Disney like minds in the future.

Spread Strategies: Moving forward, what are the main strategies for scaling impact?

Everyone is born a visionary and with the capacity to make positive change in the world. Later this fall, we plan to expand Visionary Clubs globally. Select students who absolutely love the Visionary Club program will have the opportunity to become a Visionary Officer and operate their own Visionary Club. The training program we have put together for rising Visionary Officers via the Online Alumni Network is pretty incredible. The flexible curriculum is a two week training course that covers 14 recommended goals for helping teens with launching their dreams.

Financial Sustainability Plan: What is this solution’s plan to ensure financial sustainability?

We sell our curriculum ($200 for 10 books) to clubs, schools (at both primary and secondary education levels), organizations, companies, educators, and individuals who are committed to the same degree of entrepreneurial excellence that we are. Our team will seek investments and sponsorships from established companies that are looking for the skills and fresh ideas provided by the young, talented teenagers that EnvisionWith.Me is geared towards.

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Our three principal goals consist of making the EnvisionWith.Me professional network a resource used by teens across the world, revolutionizing the way teenagers learn about entrepreneurship, and helping passionate teenagers express their creative ideas. Our team members will continue to deliver motivational speeches at high schools across our state--and eventually, across the country--to inspire others and promote EnvisionWith.Me as a resource for teenagers. Harris is planning on speaking at the Extreme Entrepreneurship Tour (Raleigh, NC) this March. In the future, our visionary university will revolutionize the process of which teenagers learn about entrepreneurship. Our curriculum will benefit teenagers whether they are starting a project, non-profit, club, or business. We encourage visionaries to form their ideas into innovative visions (using the EnvisionWith.Me network) that could later on lead to future businesses. Throughout the summer, EnvisionWith.Me will host local visionary camps targeted to help help teenagers express their creative ideas. Supporting organizations will have access to the same curriculum that we will use at our camps. Additionally, we are collaborating with the Creative Populist organization in order to write a book for high school students that will inspire teenagers to express their ideas using creative entrepreneurial characteristics.

Founding Story

We consider success as a measure of how satisfied our user base is and the progress our visionaries make from using our professional network. We measure our success through how we influence others to inspire their peers based on the products we provide (e.g. our visionary curriculum and summer camps) and by how our user base expands as we continue to improve our products and services.


EnvisionWith.Me is divided up into several departments, each focused on an individual mission. Ethan Mikhail spearheads the expansion of Visionary Clubs, Cole Jenson leads development on our visionary curriculum while Peter Said controls EnvisionWith.Me’s press exposure and marketing. Justin Harris is the founder of EnvisionWith.Me and oversees all departments.


Interested in envisioning with us?

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This kind of reminds me of Teens in Tech.

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