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Learn More About Our US-Based Recipients

Learn More About Our India-Based Recipients

Big news...we've announced the 200+ #changemakers who are Seed Prize Awardees in the Taco Bell Foundation Ambition Accelerator!

Thank you so much for sharing your game-changing ideas with us – we are so impressed with all of your powerful projects! This year’s Ambition Accelerator Seed Prize Awardees are spurring change in their communities and will receive funding to support their ventures. Learn more about the Seed Prize Awardees here!

Stay tuned on this page and on our socials for our announcement of the 75 Summit Semi-Finalists – changemakers who will be attending in-person Summits full of networking, skill-building, and more!

Ignite your ideas with the Ambition Accelerator!

Applications for the Taco Bell Ambition Accelerator 2024 are now closed! However, as we transition into our peer review phase, we invite you to join us in celebrating our Ambition Accelerator Early Entry Stand-Outs!  Click here to discover the 10 amazing ideas and projects 

Have questions or want to keep in touch? Please reach out to [email protected] or text us at (571) 622-1066.

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February 15 (U.S.) February 16 (India)

Early Entry Deadline 

March 14 (U.S.) March 15 (India)

Final Entry Deadline

March 22-April 5

Peer Review

Week of April 29

Seed Prize Awardees Announcement

August and September 2024

US and India Ambition Accelerator Summits

Prizes, Eligibility, & More

A stylized photo of a group of young energetically posing for a photo. The young people are all smiling for the camera, a few hold up peace signs. The photo has been posterized with purple and teal, the Ambition Accelerator brand colors.

We are looking for applicants with strong answers to questions about what their idea or project is, how it will work, and how they activate others in their community. All applicants will also be evaluated on their ability to share their changemaking journey and how it has fueled this idea.

Remember, we are looking for innovative and creative ideas at all stages of development, which means it can be a new idea or a fully baked one!

Entries will be evaluated on the following 4 criteria:

Fueled by Community

The applicant’s idea demonstrates a deep understanding of and connection to the problem they are tackling. The applicant is informed by the people most impacted by the problem and is focused on making a difference in a community that is meaningful to them.


The applicant is creating something new, addressing an overlooked challenge, or bringing a unique perspective or solution to a well-known problem.

Collaborative Leadership

The application has or plans to build a team, form partnerships, and/or mobilize others to join their initiative.


The applicant has concrete plans to grow their idea or venture, including how to access expertise, resources, and more. They demonstrate a commitment to stick with their project with actionable steps.

For detailed information on our prizes, benefits, detailed timeline, eligibility criteria, evaluation criteria, and terms & conditions, click the buttons below: 

Prize & Benefits 

Detailed Timeline, Eligibility & Evaluation Criteria 

Terms & Conditions


We are here to help! Applicants can explore our Frequently Asked Questions page to get answers to some of our most frequently asked questions and the Application Guide page to access materials to share about the Ambition Accelerator with your friends and community! Additionally, we will be hosting a few live support sessions where you can come learn more about the Ambition Accelerator, get some personalized help on your application, and be connected to a community of innovators. Join us anytime!

Have a question about the Taco Bell Foundation Ambition Accelerator or need support? Email us at [email protected], or message us on Instagram @ashokachangemakers. If you are based in the US, join our text list by texting “Ambition” to (571) 622-1066 or by clicking here.

FAQ  Application Guide  Live Sessions


A group of young Indian people leaning casually on a wall, all smiling towards the viewer. Each is holding something associated with school or university.

About the Ambition Accelerator


The Taco Bell Foundation Ambition Accelerator, powered in partnership with Ashoka and funded by Yum!’s Unlocking Opportunity initiative, invites young people to share their social impact ideas to drive positive change in their communities. The Ambition Accelerator is a platform for young changemakers to access funding, grow their changemaking skills, and join a community of peers and mentors who are leaders in the social impact space. 

Here’s how it works: from now through March 14, 2024 (US) and March 15, 2024 (India), we’re accepting applications from young changemakers ages 16-26 with an idea to enact change in their communities. Applicants should be residents of India, the United States, American Samoa, Guam, the Northern Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico or the U.S. Virgin Islands and can apply to the Ambition Accelerator in either English or Hindi. We are looking for young people from diverse backgrounds and lived experiences with a restless drive to make a difference.  

For three decades, the Taco Bell Foundation has activated the potential of its Live Más scholars, changemakers who are pursuing their passions through education and community. The Taco Bell Foundation has awarded $155 million in grants and scholarships focused on education and career readiness. For the last 40 years, Ashoka has supported social entrepreneurs and young changemakers as they bring new ideas to systemically address the world’s biggest challenges and build a world where we all realize our power to create change. Together, we aim to activate young people working to challenge the norm and disrupt existing systems and mindsets within their communities.

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