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Closed | Applications close on Jan 25, 2024
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We’re so excited to share the work of 65 young changemakers and their teams ranging in age all the way from Kindergarten to 12th grade, working with classmates, friends, family, and educators to create positive change fed by their passion and guided by their experience.  

We’re also thrilled to recognize 5 All-Star Educators who have been dedicated to their students’ changemaking journeys and supported their efforts to make a difference! Learn more about them below!

Time for Change Youth Challenge Winners

Time for Change Youth Challenge Finalists

Time for Change All-Star Educators

We're looking for your ideas!


Students know it's time for change. So, we want to know—how would you solve the challenge you see every day as a young person? Identify a problem you care about, come up with your idea, and step into your power. The Challenge is open to ideas at all stages, whether you have already started a project or just come up with an idea and want to take your first step. You have the answers! To apply, select the application button above that corresponds to your current grade in school.

Educators, join your students on this journey. Bring the Time for Change Youth Challenge into your classroom and support young people as they generate new ideas that can make a big impact in their worlds. 

The Time for Change Youth Challenge is a collaboration of First Book and Ashoka designed to spark transformative changemaking journeys in young people as part of our Time for Change initiative. Our work is made possible by Audemars Piguet. Challenge participants must be students enrolled at a Title I-eligible, Tribal, or Military Base school.

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Three Indigenous girls working at a community garden at their school.
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September 19th

Challenge Opens

October 17th

Early Entry Deadline (11:59 PM ET / 8:59 PM PT)

November 16th

Early Entry Winners Announcement

January 18th

Final Deadline (11:59 PM ET / 8:59 PM PT)


Winners Announcement

    Prize Package

Early Entry Prizes!

10 students who apply by the Early Entry Deadline of Tuesday, October 17th will win a $100 gift card. Students who apply by the Early Entry deadline are still eligible for the grants awarded after the Final Deadline of Thursday, January 18th.

Grand Prizes

The Time for Change Youth Challenge will award prizes in the following categories; Kindergarten through 5th grade, 6th through 7th grade, 8th through 12th grade. The prizes are listed below, and one prize from each prize tier are guaranteed to be awarded within each of these grade categories. 

  • $50 grants - 150 students will receive a $50 gift card to work on their projects. 

  • $100 grants – 50 students will receive a $100 gift card to support their ideas for change. 

  • $1,000 grants - 15 students will be awarded $1,000 grants to spark their changemaking journey.  

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Teacher and student working on an activity together

Participants must meet the following eligibility criteria

Participant Grade Level

Individuals and teams of youth grade K-12 are eligible to apply.


Currently residing in the United States or one of its territories (American Samoa, Guam, the Northern Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands) 

Youth Leadership

The applicant must submit a youth-led idea.

Each applicant can only apply with one initiative. 

Applicants in Grades K-7 must apply through the account of an educator or other adult ally. An account can be used for multiple applications. Each student can only be listed on one application but can be a part of multiple teams. 

Applicants in Grades 8-12 are welcome to create their own account and submit their initiative directly. 


Applications must be submitted in English.


Applicants must be an enrolled student at a Title I eligible, Tribal, or Military Base school.

Employees (and their children and grandchildren) of Ashoka, First Book, and Audemars Piguet or any of their respective affiliates and participating advertising and promotion agencies are NOT eligible to apply to the Challenge. 

    Evaluation Criteria

Changemaker Identity

You are a Changemaker! You have an idea that you think can make a real difference in other peoples’ lives or for the planet. 


Whether your idea is new to your school, community, or state you’re using creative thinking to tackle a problem in a different way.  


You have identified a problem in your school or community that you feel connected to, and you’re interested in working with other people to solve it. 

Ready to Take


You have a clear understanding of a problem you want to address and you’re ready to take your next step. You have a plan for the first 3 steps you want to take.  

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    Resources & Support

We are here to help. Students and teachers can explore our resource page for guides and activities to support their application or to learn more about changemaking. Additionally, we have a number of sessions to learn more about the Time for Change challenge, get application assistance sessions for more personalized feedback on your submission, or to connect with a community of educators. Join us anytime.  

Student Resources Educator Resources

Live Sessions  FAQ

Have an idea to change your community?

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Have questions? Check out our FAQ here or visit our support page here. Still have questions? You can email us at [email protected] for updates about the Time for Change Youth Challenge and other opportunities. 

First Book educators can text CHANGE to 89304 for updates about the Time for Change Youth Challenge and additional changemaking resources. Youth participants (13 and older) can text CHANGEMAKER to (571) 622-1066 for application reminders and support. You can find our Terms and Conditions here.

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