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Application Guide

We know that submitting an application can be intimidating! This guide was created to help you and/or your team successfully and confidently complete the application. This guide contains information on the application questions and example answers to the long-form questions.

Having trouble getting started? Try starting offline with this Changemaker Challenge application worksheet!



Application Worksheet



When you're ready, start your application HERE. You can save your draft as often as you would like, and even after you submit, you can go back and edit your application until the final deadline of May 18, 2023 (8:59 pm PT / 11:59 pm ET)!


The application consists of six different sections: Eligibility Criteria, Contact Information, Help Us Support Diversity, About Your Project, Referrals, and References

Six Application Sections (click each to open description):

7 check-the-box statements to verify your eligibility for participating in the Challenge

9 short answer questions that ask basic background information (your name, etc.)

(Optional) 7 multiple choice questions related to diversity (your race, etc.)

7 long-form questions about your project and space to write the link for the 1-minute video you create and upload to YouTube

4 check-the-box statements on what you are looking to gain from this experience and where you heard about the Challenge

You will need to list three references: adults who know you well and are familiar with your idea or project. If you are under 18 years old, one of the references will need to be a parent or guardian. After the final deadline, they will receive a short survey link that will take them 10 minutes to fill out. It will ask them about your role in the initiative and anything exciting that has happened!


The part of the application that will be the longest time commitment is the "About Your Project" section where you answer 7 long-form questions about your project. Answering these questions can help you better understand how to communicate about your project in a clear and convincing way!

We have provided example answers and tips for each question. Hover your mouse over the pink text in the example answers to read the tips/comments! These answers and tips are not all-inclusive, and there are many ways to write a strong application. However, we tried to point out details that we liked for every answer.


Our company, Signisa, is developing a sign language learning application to help common people become enthusiastic about learning and preserving sign language. A brief and clear sentence on what their idea is and what they are trying to achieve The platform will incorporate hand detection through machine learning and computer vision technologiesThey explained how their idea will achieve their goal/purpose to help users learn sign language with ease and interest. Ultimately we are projecting to spark the common interest in learning sign language to protect the language from extinction and let hard-of-hearing and deaf people be more included in our society.They explained how their idea ties into their category and how it fits into a larger goal

*From Signisa, 2022 T-Mobile Changemaker Challenge Finalists


Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM) careers make the highest income and have the fastest growing number of job opportunities. They included statistics to help readers understand the importance of the problemYet, the demographic characteristics of those filling these roles don’t represent the countryThey explained why this statistic matters and what it means as a whole. A single student entering a STEM field can help equalize generations of economic inequality and other systemic injustices. Everyone deserves to have an equal opportunity to get their dream job. But that is not our current reality. Minorities (including women, blacks, Latinos and Native Americans) are not receiving the same quality of STEM education They highlighted the current situation and why things need to change due to unequal distribution of resources and are frequently further disconnected from opportunities due to not having been introduced to useful networks.They explained why the problem exists and what is causing the problem To make change, underserved communities need to be introduced to STEM early on, in their K-12 education, as well as supported in their  undergraduate years.They briefly connected their solution to the problem STEM will not diversify itself but inspiring communities and providing support does work.


I first got involved by raising funds for local Title I schools. I vividly recall the teary-eyed reaction of a school principal when we gave her a $1000 check for computers. Ashley had her own first-hand experience when she founded the first computer club at her school.They shared their personal connection to the problem, their "why" We met while fundraising, and realized the importance of stretching every dollar as much as possible to create maximum impact. From both of our Latinx families, we know the value of multi-generational bonding. That’s why we designed a program built on the idea of communities that have space to grow and learn from each other...

*From Scholars Program, 2022 T-Mobile Changemaker Challenge Finalists

As we conducted market research in search of a solution,They researched existing possible solutions interviewing parents to get a better idea of their pain points, one parent told us about the importance of remote training. While meeting with autism researchers from universities, therapists, and educators to ideate a solution,They used data that they collected and researched we sought to integrate scientifically-validated clinical interventional therapies with instructional training for parents on how to conduct or implement different exercises. We made a kit that consolidates clinically proven therapy tools and activities typically practiced in speech or cognitive therapyThey clearly explained the product that they've created from the data they've collected–such as therapressure brushes for sensory training and threading to train fine motor skills–which is delivered to customers who can pick from a catalog of ten activities. The kit is accompanied by an app (https://auesome.co/app) containing a preliminary diagnosis and cognitively stimulating activities, as well as an instructional video site, dashboard.auesome.co, to assist Parent Implemented Interventions.


The three key components to successful at-home therapy are parent-implemented intervention, personalization, and hands-on training. We compared our product to other play kits and apps for children with autism, and AUesome is the only company that provides customers with all of these critical aspects.They compared their solution to other solutionsThey clearly stated why their solution is unique - what they're doing that other people are not Using technology, AUesome’s value comes from its kit consolidation, increased accessibility, and integration. Additionally, our kits help both families who already have access to therapy as well as families who don’t already have access to therapy. They explained why their solution worksFor instance, we received a request for our kits from an elementary school teacher for 3-5-year-old students with a moderate/severe diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder. Her message “For parents it is difficult to get help at home even with ABA or Communication Systems, which are expensive” demonstrates a gap in current providings for parents to get help at home and the value of our product even for those who already have access to therapy.

*From AUesome, 2022 T-Mobile Changemaker Challenge Finalists

Each Tuesday night our grandmother hosts family dinners. When “family night” was canceled March 2020, our disappointment was deep, but we mostly worried for the vulnerable people in our lives.They clearly explained their personal connection to the problem


We found unique ways to connect. Driving practice became frigid masked convertible rides with our grandmother, who cannot drive her old convertible due to a stroke. We helped seniors by bringing dinner & dropping off PPE. During those visits, we started Siri training & hosted Zoom talent shows.


When vaccines arrived, our grandparents were overwhelmed by registration. We stepped in, finding the process difficult even for tech-savvy teens. By helping our grandparents & their friends, we learned seniors are often unfamiliar with, or have no access to, the internet.Their understanding of the problem and solution seemed to have come naturally


VaxconnectKY & MedTechConnect provide technical support so that seniors have easy access to vaccinations and telehealth. They clearly stated the problem and solution They demonstrated collaboration Helping others has been an honor but celebrating family nights again without fear is the greatest reward.

*From MedTechConnect, 2022 T-Mobile Changemaker Challenge Finalists


We want to know your personal connection to the problem. We strongly recommend that you are as specific as possible!

Currently, we are in the planning phase of our project,They described the current phase of their project but have received support from our school They mentioned support they've received in the past and will be prototyping our product with actual tobacco stalks at the Grainger School of Engineering at the University of Illinois Urbana Champaign. We are also finalists for the Conrad Challenge, top 100 of the Blue Ocean Competition, and finalists for the Innovation Dupage  Competition. We hope to reach more people and let them know about our product and gain more funding through grants and competitions. They explained where they hope to be


We have connected with a patent lawyer that graduated from IMSA that works with , as well as IN2, our school's innovation and inquiry center. They are primarily providing us with guidance as well as financial support as we work to market and prototype our product and bring it from its seed phase into an actual functioning plastic wrap. They have many connections to legal  representatives and engineers/professors at universities as well, with whom we hope to get in touch after finalizing our product.They discussed other individuals and organizations they hope to work with in the future


For development into the future, post-launch, Tobelli’s short term goals are focused on local success, They stated their short term and long-term goalswith the majority of its early years spent establishing itself as a trusted brand, complete with customer feedback and the support of the scientific community. Tobelli plans to break even and become self-sufficient within the first three years. By being involved in the community and the current sphere of environmental current events and catering to their specific needs of the community They had goals for becoming self-sufficient and further involving their community!established with great, open lines of communication between that Tobelli team, the scientific community, and its consumer base. Tobelli plans to start these improvements off by expanding its manufacturing capabilities to include more locations to employ more people in the force of change, and to provide the world with more Tobelli Plastic products including bags, crates, and industrial storage vats.They explained what they needed to do to achieve their goals

*From Tobelli, 2022 T-Mobile Changemaker Challenge Finalists

We strongly encourage you to be as specific as possible! For example, you could talk about how the different parts of the prize would help you build your project. How would funding, receiving mentorship from T-Mobile and Ashoka staff, and being connected to a like-minded community of changemakers help you with your project? 

Hint: We are hungry to learn more about your solution and how you are taking it to the next level. Are there any aspects of your idea that you would like to expand upon? Is there anything that might help to clarify your model? How are others engaged in your project on a day-to-day basis?



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