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Gaharu Bumi Innovation Challenge

Join the Changemaker Movement. 

We are all part of the cause of climate crisis that is threatening the whole world, but we can also choose to be part of the change. 


Ashoka in partnership with Kok Bisa presents the Gaharu Bumi Innovation Challenge, with the support from Ford Foundation and the Ministry of Home Affairs. We invite youth, families, and communities to register their initiative, and find greater support to tackle the climate crisis together!

October 1, 2023

Applications Open

November 3, 2023

Early Entry Deadline

December 18, 2023

Registration is closed.

March 2, 2024

Final panel decides the winners (in Jakarta)

Prize Package

10 Finalists for each category will:

  • Receive a travel support to attend the final panel Gaharu Bumi in Jakarta.

  • Connect with hundreds of other changemakers.

  • Receive a digital certificate of participation.

Three main winners in each category will win funding support:

  • First Winner: 10 million rupiah + mentoring

  • Second Winner: 7,5 million rupiah + mentoring

  • Third Winner: 5 million rupiah + mentoring

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Participants must meet the following eligibility criteria

Participants must meet the following eligibility criteria

A. Rules for Family Categories

Applicants must consist of at least two family members who work together on a joint initiative. Families can be biologically connected to each member. Each family team can also consist of relatives connected to each other through marriage or adoption (not having biological relationships between members but having attachments like biological families). There is no age or location restrictions for members of this team.

B. Rules for the Category of Young People (13-24 years old)

Each team member was at least 13 years old at the time of enrollment and not over 24 years old at the end of the registration period.

C. Rules for Community / General Category

An association is not limited by age, gender, or location. It can be one community or several communities working together towards common goals.

D. Rules of Participation for All Categories


  1. Participants are domiciled in Indonesia
  2. Registration is group/team. Two group representatives who qualify for the final stage will be invited to the final panel of Gaharu Bumi Challenge.
  3. The initiative must have been in place for at least 3 months at the time of registration, with a clear strategy and documented and proven results/impacts.
  4. . Each team may register only one initiative.
  5. The decision of the committee cannot be contested.



Entries will be evaluated on the following criteria


The candidate has a deep understanding of the issue being addressed and has a close relationship with the affected communities. 


The candidate brings in new perspectives on existing problems and/or develops new ways to solve them. 


The candidate has a strong commitment to continue the initiative in the future (judging from the impact that has been created and the feasibility of future action plans). 


The candidates invite other parties (whether individuals, communities, or organizations) to get involved in their initiatives and work together in an inclusive and collaborative manner. 

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FAQ (Frequently Ask Questions)

What is Gaharu Bumi Innovation Challenge?

Gaharu Bumi Innovation Challenge is an initiative by Ashoka Indonesia to encourage families, young people, and communities to take concrete actions against climate crisis by reducing carbon emissions. These actions can take many different forms, but they need to have a documented impact.

Why is Gaharu Bumi Challenge important?

The world is facing a climate crisis where the impact of temperature rise can be felt all over the world; melting the ice in the poles, drowning villages, disrupting wheather patterns, causing crops to fail, and inciting disasters in every single corner of the globe. The Gaharu Bumi Innovation Challenge calls on everyone to contribute to slowing down climate change.

How can I join the Gaharu Bumi Innovation Challenge?

You can join the Gaharu Bumi Innovation Challenge by listing an initiatives or concrete actions that you have taken as a family, youth team, or community to mitigate the climate crisis.

What are some examples of concrete actions that can be done in the Gaharu Bumi Challenge?

Actions in the Gaharu Bumi Challenge for example include reducing energy consumption with renewable sources, living sustainably, reusing goods, planting trees, reducing plastic waste, and many others. We would like to learn from you! You are not limited to activities that are already mentioned. Learn more in the Gaharu Bumi Innovation Challenge focus area.

How registered initiatives will be linked to other changemakers?

Ashoka Indonesia aims to increase public support and impact of initiatives registered in the Gaharu Bumi Innovation Challenge. Ashoka connects registered participant with changemakers from diverse sectors that have joined in the fight against climate crisis.

Have more questions?

Send us an email at [email protected] and we'll be happy to help!

Focus Area

A. Mitigation of Climate Crisis

This challenge seeks initiatives that can support the mitigation of the CLIMATE CRISIS and encourage sustainable management of Indonesian natural resources, both in terms of education, increased access to information, conservation, innovation, and advocacy.  

B. Diversity of sub-areas

Initiatives can cover various sub-areas such as forest conservation, support for communities to move from destructive industries to sustainable industries, equitable water management, food security, environmental literacy, waste treatment, alternative transportation systems, biodiversity preservation, marine conservation, and many others. The climate crisis is a big problem whose solution can be from any aspect. We would like to learn from your innovation! If you are unclear about climate crisis and its diverse mitigation efforts, read more here

C. Innovation to existing systems

Initiatives to strengthen or bring innovation to existing systems – either by creating new solutions, expanding existing solutions, overcoming deficiencies in systems, fixing dysfunctional/corrupt systems, and other strategic innovations.

Everyone, everywhere can take part in slowing down climate crisis. Changemakers around the world have done what they can do. How about you?

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