In this course, we collect, analyze and structure the experience of social entrepreneurs working with government. These best practices are useful for the broader interested community of social entrepreneurs, funders and intermediaries.

Government is an important stakeholder in so many systems around us. It often sets the rules of systems, controls vast resources, delivers public services directly, or controls the quality of such service delivery by third parties. Therefore, when we as social entrepreneurs think about systems change, we need to have a strategy how to engage with government, rather than circumvent it or build parallel structures.

The majority of social entrepreneurs in the Ashoka network do engage with government already – mostly via a constructive approach. This course is our attempt to collect, analyze and structure the experience of Ashoka Fellows working with government, so that the broader interested community of social entrepreneurs, funders and intermediaries can benefit from it.

What's in the course?

The course will help you answer the following questions:

  1. Should I consider working with government to address the social problem? If so, in which role.
  2. Who within the government holds the decision-making power and what‘s my strategy to get them on board?
  3. Which proven tactics can help increase awareness, willingness and capacity to take action of our government counterparts?
  4. Are there resources that can support me in such working with government?


To help you find answers to these questions (and many more) the course is developed into: 

  • 7 weekly video modules with the total of 4 hour guidance and inspiring examples
  • 8 case studies of social entrepreneurs from Brazil to India
  • 1 workbook with detailed exercises and a rich library of resources


Not sure about the course yet? Watch the intro video: 

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This course is developed by the Ashoka Globalizer, a program that links social initiatives ready for a global scale to the financial, strategic and intellectual support they require to have impact across borders. The mentoring process culminates in a Summit meeting where participating social entrepreneurs gather with highly successful CEOs, entrepreneurs, and experts to further refine their strategies, solve key challenges, and open strategic doors. Globalizer also identifies underlying patterns in innovative solutions and disseminates them (through courses like this one), empowering social entrepreneurs everywhere to develop more effective strategies to spread their impact.