Changemakers United is a collective effort to support social innovators at the forefront of innovation around the world. This report outlines their impact in South Asia & Latin America.

Ashoka is sourcing, disseminating, supporting, connecting, and scaling solutions of innovative social entrepreneurs to the most pressing challenges in the world. Our methodology is built from four pillars that amplify impact and innovation.

The story is the same across the globe — from Central America to South Asia — with trusted local leaders championing creative solutions to their countries’ most pressing social problems. Ashoka accompanies Fellows along their journey — with catalytic investments, strategic guidance, and an unmatched peer-to-peer community. This is one reason they consistently achieve significant impact in their fields, not only reaching large populations directly but shifting policies and markets and the underlying conditions that cause problems to persist generation after generation.

The most effective solutions emerge from where problems are felt, and Ashoka Fellows have lived the problem. It is in these proximate leaders that we place our trust. They have the problem, and most importantly in designing and growing their solutions they create roles for everyone in the community as changemakers. This creates agency and shifts power.

Our methodology was built on four pillars:

Map and understand social entrepreneurs’ responses to the most pressing social problems
Strengthen social entrepreneurial ecosystems centered around tackling them
Raise awareness about these solutions by social entrepreneurs across regions
Searching and selecting new social change leaders and directly supporting their solutions

Learn more about our impact in the report below:

Changemakers United Impact Report 2021