A Playbook for Catalytic Collaboration. 

Cities are increasingly the places where ‘the rubber meets the road’, as experts would say. What they mean is that local government leaders are increasingly doing more than just delivering local services, they have begun to solve problems that are bigger than their community and tackling issues that regional and national governments have proven incapable of solving on their own.

Together, local governments, social entrepreneurs and the communities they serve (and empower!) can have an immediate and sustained impact. Herein lies the opportunity we share in this playbook for collaboration.

The stories in this report carry a profound message: From Lima to Nashville to Liverpool to Mumbai, by working together, cities and social entrepreneurs have collaborated successfully on solutions that have scaled across the country. They have shown they can do more than simply service problems, and instead aim to solve them for good. This approach is called systems change, meaning a holistic approach in which multiple stakeholders and beneficiaries work together to do something in a fundamentally different way to achieve a truly transformative result.

Key takeaways from this report, include: 

  • 🚀 Viewing beneficiaries as Changemakers
  • ✨ Sharing agency 
  • 🏗️ Building bridges between stakeholders
  • 🔭 Taking the long view
  • ➕ Many more! 

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