An emergent new world pictured by the field of social entrepreneurship. 

What does an “Everyone a Changemaker” world look like? It is a world where we find young people and adults from all walks of life who reflect on the question: How do I change the world for the better – even beyond my own community? Then, they act.

In the journey to realize this vision, Ashoka asks the question: What have we learned from creating the social entrepreneurship ecosystem over the last four decades? The answer is simple: We have learned that social entrepreneurs are innovators who change systems for the good of all and create many more changemakers along the way.

Ashoka’s global network shows us how social entrepreneurs create social impact: they change policy, market dynamics, industry norms and their ideas inspire others to independently replicate and adapt solutions. They all do something else, while demonstrating that change is possible, and in so doing, they inspire others to act, to join them in their organizations and movement, becoming the changemaking force behind new ideas for global change.

This article looks at a range of issues and trends surfaced from an overview of the journal issue which includes a series of articles based on data from 817 social entrepreneurs who are part of Ashoka’s Fellow network from across the globe. This scrutiny shows insights on gender factors, how diversity matters, young peoples’ influences, policy change, and new roles for corporations and technology in social change. 

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Author biographies: 

Diana Wells serves on Ashoka’s Leadership as well as Impact & Evidence Teams and is Global President Emerita.

Anamaria Schindler is Leadership Team Member at Ashoka responsible for Ashoka Global Integration and Latin America strategy. She is also Emerita Global Co-President.