Leading Social Entrepeneurs 2022


Ashoka is catalyzing a global community that is leads the Everyone a Changemaker (EACH) movement. We now live in an everything-changing world, a world where everyone needs to be able to contribute to and adapt to change; to be a changemaker. This requires mastering four abilities: cognitive empathy-based living for the good of all; working in multiple, complex, and ever-morphing networks; new leadership; and changemaking. Ashoka uses a rigorous, highly-refined, five-step process to identify the most important emerging social change ideas and the entrepreneurs behind them who, together, will redefine their fields, be it human rights or the environment, or any other area of human need.

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In our annual report, Ashoka's Leading Social Entrepreneurs, we introduce some of the the world's most powerful changemakers – recently elected Ashoka Fellows in a diversity of fields and geographies. Each allows you to see, through a great entrepreneur’s eyes, how the world will be different in five or so years. You'll also be introduced to Ashoka Young Changemakers, young people who've found their power and are changing their world – and how they work with the mega jujitsu partners.

Three-quarters of newly elected Ashoka Fellows change the patterns in their field at the national and/or international level five to ten years after their election. You will also find the ideas and stories of a few Senior Fellows. They are elected later in their careers, do not get financial support, but contribute to and benefit from Ashoka’s Purpose Teams and community.

Ideas that are changing the world
Ideas that are changing the world - Leading Social Entrepreneurs 2022