Creating change isn’t just the work of idealists or people starting companies. Our towns and cities, schools and workplaces come alive thanks to people like you. 

It's about people who care. People who see past the problems to the solutions. The fixers. The doers. The slightly restless. The somewhat kooky.Changemakers are individuals who put ideas into action. They diagnose problems big and small and explore solutions to these issues. Changemakers enable others to thrive and adapt in a changing world by inspiring others to create their own solutions and work towards a more empathic and evolving world. 

Ashoka thinks of changemakers as society’s white blood cells: They sense areas of trouble and infection and come to the rescue! 

Changemaking is not an individual action; it is a journey. This journey starts with finding your spark. A spark is the moment of commitment. Your spark is what gives you permission to become a Changemaker.

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