GCON - Women Game Developers and Gamers Community

GCON - Women Game Developers and Gamers Community

Not Listed, Saudi Arabia
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$1,000 - $10,000
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Despite the facts that 40% of all gamers are women, only few are actively working in the industry, and the percentage is even lower in Saudi Arabia and ME countries. Our objective is to help women enter the Gaming industry professionally and create unique work opportunities for women in the field.

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What if Games Can Make a Real Change?
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- Lack of attention and opportunity for women game developers, game artists and other related fields in the region - Lack of access to training and monetary resources for independent developers

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- Established a community for women gamers and developers, connecting them together through small gatherings and an official annual Gaming Convention. This is our second year organizing the convention supported by sponsors - Continuing to build and foster relationships with companies and studios in the region - Currently working to develop monetary incubation programs and access to training
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In April 2013 GCON hosted and launched a unique game development competition for women only, where 20 all female game development teams applied. Over 44 original ideas were submitted in this competiton

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There are a few active communities helping developer in the region, however, GCON is mainly focused on women as developers and students in the college level.
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GCOM - The Women Game Developers and Gamers Community
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GCOM - The Women Game Developers and Gamers Community

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- Over 44 original ideas were submitted in this competition
- 6 teams developed fully working games and qualified to the last stage of the competition
- 3 teams were able to win and acquire the necessary financial support and incubation to further develop and publish their games

Teams in this competition were not professional developers to start, however two out of the three winning teams have decided to work on their game development projects after the competition.

Teams two did not win are continuing to enhance their games and seek further support to complete the project. the competition inspired a lot of interest in game development and we are hoping to continue working with more young developers in 2014

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Obtaining the financial support necessary to scale and expand our activities nationwide is the main obstacle we might faced in the future

By continuing to host the annual convention and our entertainment activities we are able to secure the necessary operational funds, supported by upcoming crowd funding activities

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continuing to host the annual convention and our entertainment activities we are able to secure the necessary operational funds, supported by upcoming crowd funding activities

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We first met at university, joined by our shared love for games. As CIS students we wondered about career opportunities for women in technology and why very few ever enter the gaming industry. The idea for a girls only gaming convention came after hearing about a local gaming convention we were sadly unable to attend, as the event was males only and no women were allowed, additionally, the organizers never considered dedicating a female day, as it was believed that girls and women have no interest in gaming. So, we decided to take a stand, stop waiting to be recognized and host a large scale convention of our own.

- See more at: http://www.changemakers.com/project/gcon-girls-game-developers-and-gamer...

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United Electronics Saudi Arabia (Sony) - Main Sponsor of GCON2013
VERSO Saudi Arabia - Educational Sponsor of GCON2013
Ubisoft Abu Dhabi - Industry Sponsors of GCON2013

Women Powering Work
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Training and education such as skills workshops, entrepreneurship courses, apprenticeship opportunities

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Customizing technology such as mobile phones, websites, or telecommuting tools to enable greater economic participation