JANMA: Clean Birth Kit- A Product of AYZH.

JANMA: Clean Birth Kit- A Product of AYZH.

Chennai, IndiaUnited States, India
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$50,000 - $100,000
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AYZH serves the needs of impoverished women worldwide through affordable appropriate technologies for improved health and livelihood.

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Imagine being blessed with a child and not having access to a clean surface on which to deliver this blessing. Millions of women face this problem each year; end up with infections, often leading to death. Many such unreported health issues that haunt the lives of women.India has approximately 15 million births a year and 15% of mothers and babies die or become ill with unclean and unsterile conditions being the leading cause. Globally, 1 million mothers die annually only due to unclean unsterile conditions at the time of childbirth.

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AYZH develops modular products. JANMA is a $2 clean delivery birth kit aimed at rural clinics, hospitals, primary health care centers and midwives to deliver babies for postnatal health was launched in December 2010. In January 2012, SHISHU – an Infant Kit for newborn hygiene was launched. More products in line with JANMA and SHISHU are currently being prototyped and will be launched in subsequent years. With our products, we understand the need to complement our efforts with education, and partner with local organizations to provide capacity building training to the women in the communities we serve. For example, JANMA will help educate midwives and mothers about the importance of using sterile tools in childbirth; we have successfully launched our training manual in 4 Indian Languages for JANMA and Haitian Creole.
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In low-resource settings where a high proportion of mothers give birth at home, supplies needed to conduct a clean delivery are often unavailable even in health centers. To achieve our vision and follow through on our mission, AYZH operates on a business model that connects a rural woman’s health and livelihood with products designed to meet her needs. The company conducts extensive market research to assess consumer demand; and then tests technologies on their affordability, appropriateness, and aesthetics to meet that demand. AYZH sets up supply chains for low-cost manufacturing to keep prices to consumers low and boost economic opportunity. Finally, the company distributes products through the existing infrastructure of retailers and partners and uses the India postal system as a core distribution mechanism to reach the remotest possible village.

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Many international organizations have tried to work with the crude version of the kit for over 25 years, dependent on grants.JANMA, is a modification of a crude Delivery kit which uses a plastic sheet for women to lie down, a shaving blade for cutting the umbilical cord and a thread to tie before cutting. We have identified high quality low cost components and provide a blood-absorbing sheet, cost surgical blade. We also use fancy jute purses in different colors in which we package the contents that can be reused. Our bold innovation lies in not only making them available at home but also through government and private clinics, pharmacies, and commercial channels to help reduce rates of infection and substantially decrease maternal and infant mortality and morbidity.

Founding Story

AYZH founder and CEO, Zubaida Bai, often marveled at the ingenious ways in which science and technology could be harnessed to aid in the advancement of women. Very early in her engineering career, she realized that the social benefits of such knowledge are yet to reach the majority of the world's population, especially women living in impoverished rural conditions. Moreover, she knew that codified innovations exist but have yet to be commercialized for lack of resources. This inspired her to work directly with grassroots innovators and entrepreneurs.Having once been one of the “silent victims” with whom she now works: a woman who, as a result of unsanitary birthing conditions and practices, contracted an infection that caused her to suffer for years. After spending considerable time in the field investigating birthing hygiene and education, she has invented an improved version of the clean birth kit. Her kit uses attractive packaging to help women understand how and why to use it.
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Operating for 1‐5 years

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Cost, Transparency, Equity.

Social Impact
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The vision of AYZH is to be the leading global provider of health and livelihood solutions for rural women, bringing about significant social, environmental, and economic returns for our consumers and the world at large.

What has been the impact of your solution to date?

In 2011 we successfully redesigned the scalpel handle in the JANMA birth kit and made it 100% biodegradable and are working towards bringing it to life. In the end of 2011, AYZH - JANMA kit has been used for ~8,000 deliveries in India and over 3000 in Africa, impacting lives 50,000 people including women, new born and their families.

What is your projected impact over the next five years?

AYZH expects to impact 10 million women over the next 5 years by bringing to them products for improved health and livelihood. These women will have more time, money, and opportunity for improved themselves, their families, and their communities out of poverty. In short, our concept is “By women for women”. Additionally, as a committed steward of the environment, AYZH will work to continually reduce the environmental impacts of its product development, distribution, and consumption. For example, over the next five years, AYZH products will reduce 955,522 KGs of plastic waste by using biodegradable packaging for our products.

What barriers might hinder the success of your project? How do you plan to overcome them?

Copycats – Free or lower-cost, lower-quality products that imitate AYZH brand and product lines is a huge risk. We intend to build brand equity for AYZH and warn unassuming consumers against copycats, maintain diverse means of access to distribution and outlast traditional government and NGO philanthropy through long-term financial sustainability.
Consumer Acceptance is another huge risk mainly due to ignorance. we are mitigating this by providing consistent benefits and value and also partnering with appropriate agencies to increase awareness and educate end users on the product and its benefits.

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Expand in newer markets in India and financially sustain the company for long term stability.

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Complete products for Launch for PPH and Reproductive Health

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Seek Second Round of Investment

Tell us about your partnerships

We work with various partners in the field to help spread awareness about the issue of IMportance of Cleanliness and sterility at the time of child birth. We also work partners that have last mile access to our end consumer. OUr business thrives on strong partnerships with individuals and organizations that work in the field of maternal and neonatal health.

Are you currently targeting other specific populations, locations, or markets for your innovation? If so, where and why?

AYZH selected India based on the management team’s expertise in the region and established connections with local NGOs & SHGs.The initial market entry for AYZH was Tamil Nadu, India, (pop. ~ 62 M), of which approx. 3 M are women (16-45) living in rural areas. There is great need and opportunity within India to impact the lives of impoverished women. AYZH segments its market based on geographic regions, age, informal occupation and maternal status. This segmentation will serve as a guide for research and product development. It will also direct how to position products in specific markets.

What type of operating environment and internal organizational factors make your innovation successful?

We have a strong management team, advisors and partners that has helped us over the last two years. We are currently raising our first round of investment and hope to bring in more folks that will strengthen our efforts in making an impact.

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