Healthy Egyptians

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Healthy Egyptians: Protect Your Child

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nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector
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$100,000 - $250,000
Project Summary
Elevator Pitch

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Protect Your Child is committed to fight the lack of health education in Egypt. We will do that through the dissemination of health education in innovative ways to the different strata of the community with the help of dedicated and enthusiastic young volunteers.

WHAT IF - Inspiration: Write one sentence that describes a way that your project dares to ask, "WHAT IF?"

What if education was the key to attain a healthier community?
About Project

Problem: What problem is this project trying to address?

There has been a massive negligence for health education in Egypt and the developing countries, to the extent that a false culture has been deeply embedded into the mindset of the people that health education is exclusive to doctors. People in Egypt always take a reaction to diseases, but never take a proactive step towards them.

Solution: What is the proposed solution? Please be specific!

We have realized that the best way to combat the lack of health education in Egypt and the developing world would be to create a demand for such type of education. In order to do that we have created a story called Montasser Overcomes. In this story, Montasser (an Arabic name for Victor) is a young Arabic boy who either contracts a disease or one of his friends does, and during the journey of the story, the readers get educated about the signs, symptoms, treatment, risk factors and prevention of the disease. In order to make the topic interesting for the audience, mostly children, we transformed the story to coloring comic books, 3D cartoon movie, a puppet show and a portable child cinema.


Johns Hopkins University- School of Public Health, Sandra Rotman Center. First place in the Philips Innovation Award for 2014. First place in the Rexley Cross Award.
Impact: How does it Work

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Our tools have been tested among children using pre- and post-intervention questionnaires that assess the current lifestyle behaviors of the children and any modifications in their habits following the delivery of the health educational messages using our innovative tools. At some instances, the lifestyle modifications reached up to 80% in habits such as washing their hands before eating.

Impact: What is the impact of the work to date? Also describe the projected future impact for the coming years.

So far, we have reached 50,000 children and 50,000 parents by direct one-on-one educational campaigns and we have helped vaccinate 14,000 high risk children, providing them with life-long immunity against their biggest killer diseases. Our materials have been used in educational campaigns in more than 10 Egyptian governorates and also outside Egypt in Jordan and Kenya. All of these achievements have been made in less than 3 years through successful recruitment campaigns in the governorates and partnerships with local NGOs. Through the airing of the cartoons on Satellite TV channels, we were able to increase our reach and impact to an astounding figure of 500,000 audience. This is the true power of technology when used in the preventive medicine field. Our future tools will include a smartphone application, social media games and toys available at the toys stores for children.

Spread Strategies: Moving forward, what are the main strategies for scaling impact?

The coloring comic books and the cartoon movies will be produced in both Arabic and English languages, in separate versions. They will also be translated into the other languages prevalent in the developing world and provided free of charge to any entity or organization that wishes to spread health education to children using innovative ways. We will produce educational tools that would cover the whole spectrum of diseases, to create an entertaining and educational curriculum that would empower the children with precious health educational messages on how to protect themselves.

Financial Sustainability Plan: What is this solution’s plan to ensure financial sustainability?

The coloring comic books will be distributed, free of charge, to nurseries, orphanages, schools and impoverished areas all over Egypt. They will also be made available in public and private libraries, free of charge at the former and being sold with a small profit margin at the latter.Any profits made from the sale of the coloring books or the cartoons to TV channels will be reallocated to provide health education to the less privileged children.

Marketplace: Who else is addressing the problem outlined here? How does the proposed project differ from these approaches?

As stated before, health education (being exclusive only to doctors) is one of the neglected issues in Egypt and the developing countries. Most organizations focus more on therapeutic approaches, that is why our entire efforts is directed towards providing engaging approaches to health, especially those directed towards children. We hope that one day we are able to provide coloring books and 3D cartoon movies that can cover up the entire spectrum of these vicious diseases. We hope that, through our efforts, one day we will be able to integrate health education into the main curriculum.

Founding Story

As a medical student and then a surgeon I have come to witness first-hand how the lack of proper health education is causing the average Egyptian serious health complications, sometimes fatal, that could have otherwise been prevented should the patient had a minimum baseline of health education. Moreover, I have always wanted to give back to the community. And since healthcare is the one field I have enough expertise in, I thought it is appropriate to start a health education organization that would combat the extreme lack of awareness.


Healthy Egyptians is blessed to have an amazing team throughout the years that is not only restricted to medical students. Through the efforts of our collaborative teams, (Media, Fund-raising, and awareness) we were able to train 1,600 volunteers to become health education advocates in different governorates of the country. 600 of these advocates are volunteering regularly with the organization whenever there are campaigns to carry out.
CO-CREATION IDEA: Please offer a brief description of how you imagine a win-win partnership with Boehringer Ingelheim to better serve unmet needs in health. (Hint: Please mention the underlying business model envisioned that would make such a partnership sustainable.)

We hope we can produce a series of coloring comic books and high quality 3D cartoons to tackle most communicable and non-communicable diseases. In this partnership with Boehringer Ingelheim, we hope that we can unite our efforts. Combining both your therapeutic approach with our preventative one, we can contribute in eradicating many diseases including Hepatitis C and Diabetes. We hope that through your help we can increase the number of diseases which we are covering so we can tackle all the major risk factors. More importantly, we hope that with time we can implement health education into the standard curriculum so it can become accessible to everyone.

NEEDS: Based on you response above, please specify which of the following resources, operations or expertise by Boehringer Ingelheim you imagine leveraging to actualize the proposed co-creation opportunity. Please check all that apply. (Hint: while financing is often critical to scale, we are also interested in understanding what other assets or expertise could be leveraged).

Specific Disease Expertise, Relationships/New Contacts, Marketing/Communications Support, Technology Expertise, Access to Capital.

EXPLANATION OF NEEDS: Please explain your choices in more detail.

While we do not lack any medical expertise as most volunteers are doctors or medical students, we could use your help and contacts to help us distribute/localize our coloring books to other developing countries that face the same issue. Your marketing skills are far superior to ours so maybe you can help us benefit more to ensure sustainability. Nowadays everything is possible with technology and so your expertise on this field is more than welcome.

OFFER: What are the main assets you may contribute in a co-creation partnership with Boehringer Ingelheim that would better serve unmet needs in health?

Deep understanding of an unmet need in a specific market/context, Access to and established trust with customers/beneficiaries, Insights into behavior change.

FOCUS AREAS: Which of the following best describes the main focus of your project? (select all that apply)

Improving the affordability of healthcare (e.g., microinsurance, reducing the economic cost of care), Holistic solutions that work across the entire care continuum (including education, prevention, detection, treatment, management, follow-up).

Please share what your organisation and Boehringer Ingelheim will Co-Create together

As stated before, our NGO Healthy Egyptians, deals mostly with health, focusing mainly but not limited to children. In our co-creation idea we stated that we were focusing on increasing our series of coloring books and 3D cartoon movies to tackle a wider range of diseases, whether communicable or non-communicable. We realized that by doing so we are neglecting a broad spectrum of audience specifically 16 years old and above. It is no secret that Egypt is suffering from a lack of health education, sadly it is only restricted to doctors. To increase our impact, we simply had to redefine our materials to include a wider audience, and what's better than using social media. To get to the point, we contacted production companies, ones that could help us form a video that could go viral on social media. In this dramatic 2-3 mins video we would introduce a certain disease, ex. AIDS/HIV patient who works as a chef, and would show how a couple would react on finding out about his disease. It would show the stigma the patients face due to lack to awareness and finally ends by showing the relevant info about the stated disease. Through our preventative measures and BI's therapeutic measures, we can show that our combined efforts are not only directed towards the ill community but the healthy one as well. In this partnership, we can aim towards developing holistic packages that includes both drugs/medicines and preventive care solutions, with the goal of improving the quality of life for patients.

Please specify what your Co-Creation will result in:

a new product, a new service, a new distribution channel, a new market/customer group.

If you selected "other" above, please explain:
Please provide a 1-2 sentence summary of your Co-Creation idea

To sum it up, in our win-win partnership with BI, we are looking forward to increasing our coloring books and 3D cartoon movies to tackle more diseases as well as producing a new product in the form of 2-3 mins videos that would be targeting older age groups especially those on social media, not to mention can be easily localized to other developing countries facing the same problem. And since, Egypt is a target of various chronic as well as cardiovascular diseases, BI can help in choosing which disease we should focus our efforts on.

How does this project link to the core mission of your organisation?

Our NGO has always been focusing on the health sector but not limited to it. We hope that through our efforts people can finally understand the real impact of health education/awareness. We also hope that one day we can have health education as one of the subjects of our national curriculum at schools and that is our ongoing objective whenever we have any campaign at a school.And so, this will help us develop new materials (books, videos) in partnership with BI.

Beyond social impact, how does this project link to Boehringer Ingelheim’s core business?

We understand that Boehringer Ingelheim, being a pharmaceutical company, deals mainly with therapeutic measures. But to close the tap, we need to be able to deal with ongoing patients as well as prevent new ones. And that is where we come in. Through this we can show the world that although BI is a pharmaceutical company, we care about the whole population in general through sponsoring an NGO that deals with the well-being of the people especially the under-privileged. To sum it up, by offering a holistic solution that includes preventive care, BI will be better positioned in its own marketing efforts in negotiations with partners.

What are the specific inputs and actions that each side will contribute to this Co-Creation idea based on each of your unique competencies and experiences?

My organization will contribute: Insight and expertise of doctors and medical students to form the health educational message that can then be then given to designated groups whether to draw a coloring book or to a production company that can produced the desirable product (video or cartoon).

Boehringer Ingelheim will contribute: Besides providing us with the funds needed, BI staff can supervise the process(only if they want to) to ensure the quality of the materials. They can also help by stating which disease should we start with as to help market your company's current line of drugs.

Please describe the potential revenue model for this Co-Creation idea.

As stated before we are a non-profit NGO, sales from the coloring books and campaigns are directed towards sustaining another for the under-privileged. The creation of a book practically costs nothing. As for the videos, one could range from $8000-10000. They can then be sold to channels or can be used free of charge for the needy.

What possible risks or challenges do you foresee?

Major risks include ensuring the product directed towards the children proves to be engaging so as not to bore them with medical terms. As with the dramatic video, making sure that the 2-3 mins are sufficient to distribute the entire health message and doing so with as little words needed so the video doesn't lose its meaning or drama. Also being able to localize/distribute our products to other countries that could benefit from it and are facing the same issue.

Is there anything else you would like to share about your Co-Creation idea?

We are open to any kinds of changes that could benefit our Co-Creation idea, so any feedback would help tremendously.

How much input do you hope to receive from Boehringer Ingelheim?

I mostly need strategic advice.

If you selected "other" above, please explain:
Besides Boehringer Ingelheim, what other types of partners might be valuable to carrying out your Co-Creation idea, and why?

People who help us are mostly volunteers. Other partners could be production companies that can help bring our videos to life.

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