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Eligibility, Criteria & Awards


Participants must meet the following eligibility criteria:  


Evaluation Criteria 

The selection committee will be looking for changemakers who provide strong answers to a range of questions about what your initiative does, how it runs, and your changemaking story.  

Entries will be evaluated on the following criteria: 

In addition to our evaluation criteria described above, winners will be selected to represent the diversity of applications received. Diversity can be showcased in the target audience of a project, its partners, or the individual or team representing it. Diversity will refer to: gender, accessibility, ethnicity, race, age, and geography. 



All eligible participants will receive: 

Winners will receive: 

*Please note that if circumstances necessitate canceling the in-person event (as determined by Prudential at its sole discretion), a virtual ceremony will be conducted, and no trip will be provided. 


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