Clinica Verde

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Clinica Verde

NicaraguaUnited States
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nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector
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Clinica Verde is a new model of care – a sustainably designed health clinic for women and children living in poverty that takes a whole health approach to a patient’s wellbeing. Our vision is to offer Clinica Verde as a prototype showcasing the factors in physical design and integral health that promote patient- and family-centered care, improving dignity and health outcomes in a developing world environment.

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Clinica Verde
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Dix Lyons

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Clinica Verde

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, CA, Napa County

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, BO

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1. Developing organizational culture in Nicaragua.
2. Establishing, measuring and improving health outcomes in the areas of reproductive health, nutrition and cervical cancer.
3. Work towards a long-term sustainable business model.

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We'd love to have help and guidance to develop a robust mobile platform, improve traffic and interest in our website and online channels, and improve our social media presence overall so that we can more meaningfully engage with supporters.

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Support from American Express will be focused on our organization overall – helping us to expand and articulate our exciting work so that we can engage with an international audience of supporters.

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We have not worked with outside consultants on the area of a digital marketing plan. Our current digital marketing is performed by me – founder and CEO.

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Develop a robust and interesting mobile platform


Clearly articulate our brand through digital channels


Expand our network of supporters and enthusiasts through improved use of social media

What has been the impact of your solution to date?

In our first year of operation we served nearly 14,000 patients – and the even better news is that women and mothers are coming back with their children for their recommended wellness visits. This type of successful preventative care is nearly unheard of in the developing world. We believe our unique environment differentiates us in the developing world healthcare field and contributes to the sense of dignity, value and responsibility in our patients.

What is your project future impact after receiving professional support from American Express?

We are growing. As we can demonstrate our success, we hope to expand the principles behind our model to a global audience – perhaps even to impoverished populations in the U.S.