A woman of southeast asian decent holds a microphone, giving a speech. In front of her is a portion of a podium with a laptop.

Reports & Publications

This is a learning hub full of research produced by Ashoka and our partners. Dive deep into academic publications, impact reports, and case studies, and more.

Cities and Social Entrepreneurs
A Playbook for Catalytic Collaboration. 
Changemakers United - South Asia & Latin America Impact Report 2021-…
Changemakers United is a collective effort to support social innovators at t
Seven Steps for Funding System Change
Leveraging Platforms for the Good of All
Insights from leading social entrepreneurs on how platforms have the capabi
Bioregional Weaving Labs
A collective strategy for unlocking nat
Unlonely Planet Report 2022
How Ashoka Fellows Accelerate an Everyone a Changemaker™ World
The Social Entrepreneurship Field & Gender Issues: A High Potential…
Technology for Good
How can technology facilitate an “Everyone a Changemaker” world?
An Innovative Partnerships Model for a World in Constant Change
Scaling to system change: how social entrepreneurs affect public policy
Enacting system change through building capacities of both social entrepren
Everyone a Changemaker: A Strategic Lens
An emergent new world pictured by the field of social entrepreneurship. 
The Future of Social Entrepreneurship Support
Ashoka's Fellowship keeps on evolving, and so will our support programs. 
Young Changemaking as the New Norm in Growing Up: The Role of Adult…
How can we value and give space for young people to be changemakers: to hav
Diversity Accelerates our “Everyone a Changemaker” Future
To create an “Everyone a Changemaker” world, deeper insights from a more fu
10 Principles for Effective Collaboration
Insights from the Making More Health Partnership.
Changemakers United Impact Report 2021
Changemakers United is a collective effort to support social innovators at t